Our site, Mis Recetas (mis-recetas.org), has joined the great international project led by the Japanese site CookPad (cookpad.com), world leader in the food and gastronomy internet sector with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.
On Friday 20th December Cookpad’s Board of Directors approved the Company’s ambitious plan of globalisation with the purchase of Mis Recetas (mis-recetas.org) and the app Allthecooks (allthecooks.com).
The Japanese company will operate in Spain via the subsidiary Cookpad Spain S.L. from January 2014 onwards, with headquarters in Alicante. All the team of Mis Recetas will continue to be involved in the running of the site. Mis Recetas will continue to put emphasis on its users and will gradually improve other areas of special interest.
Mis Recetas and Cookpad are two projects developed in two very different countries, but with many common synergies such as technology – both sites are developed with ruby on rails – they share the same focus on their users and interaction with their members and they share a common open market strategy towards wider international and gastronomical cultural integration.
About Cookpad
COOKPAD Inc. is a Japanese technology company and owns Japan’s most popular recipe and gastronomy site (web and mobile). It receives about 39,5 million unique users per month (Octuber 2013) of whom more than a million are registered premium users. Its site has 1.5 million recipes
The company operates and generates income via three business segments. Like Mis Recetas it offers free services to registered users, but also advanced premium services. In its marketing segment the company offers tie-up advertising, including recipe and cooking-related competitions sponsored by companies and brands related to the food and drink industries, cooking appliances and utensils, both in the web cookpad.com and mobile (m.cookpad.com). Finally in its advertising segment the site commercialises spots via agencies and media.
About Mis Recetas
Mis Recetas has a similar business model to COOKPAD, based on its users. The web receives about 6 million users per month and its mobile application ranks first in the Food and Drink category in 17 Spanish-speaking countries in iTunes and Google Play.
Mis Recetas leads the Latinamerican market and about 70 % of users visit the site from outside Spain from México, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela and the Hispanic community in the US. Its potential market reaches out to a population of 400 million Spanish-speaking people in the World.
Mis Recetas is characterised by the fact that is offers the widest range of services possible to users of food-related websites.

This Story in Spanish (esta noticia en español): Mis Recetas  se integra en el proyecto internacional de Cookpad